About Me

Tiffany is a multimedia journalist and writer who is pursuing her Masters degree at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She is the President/Chairperson of the Graduate Student Council. Her concentration is Arts and Culture and she is specializing in TV news. 

She is an Editorial Intern at Observer writing about the art world including new exhibitions, galleries, auctions, and museums.

Also known as CurlyTiff, a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Content Creator on Instagram and a Blogger.

She is passionate about the fashion industry and has experience as a New York Fashion Week correspondent for For All Bodies Show and PLUS Model Magazine.

She has modeled for the Nuw Wardrobe, Hearst Magazines' Countdown video series, RCA Public Label, Fayah Athletics, Cody Chris Collection, and Jyo Das. 

She was also a content curator for New York City hospitality app, Seek, reviewing art installations, restaurants, pop-up events, and museum exhibits.